Real Madrid 3, Chelsea 1 [Marcelo 14’, Ronaldo 31’ &  57’]

Welcome back my love.

We are starting a new sporting era with Carlo Ancelotti as the new Real Madrid coach. - Florentino Pérez

Iker Casillas’ FIFA interview -

On your return [from injury], however, you found yourself in the unusual position of having to sit on the bench at Real Madrid. How did you deal with that period? 

By thinking of the team and wanting what’s best for Real Madrid. I cried, suffered, felt bad and had nights where I slept little, if at all. I’m a Madridista through and through, and before everyone else – coaches, presidents, directors of football, even myself – the club always comes first.

During that time, you received many public messages of support. Were there any that particularly stood out?

No. But a lot of people helped me deal with being injured, which was a situation I’d never experienced before. I always try to be respectful. When you’re not playing, as was the case with me, you have to accept it, work hard, be patient and keep going. It’s no big deal. 

Did you ever consider leaving Real Madrid?

I would love to finish my career at Real Madrid. But I would not cause a scene if, one day, a coach were to come along and decide he doesn’t need me. Only then would I look elsewhere. And I repeat: Real is my priority. This club has given me everything, and it’s thanks to them that I’m wearing this Spain shirt today. 

Finally, would you say you’re feeling happy again? 

Yes, I really have got my happiness back. It’s always difficult when you find yourself in a situation you’ve never experienced before. It hasn’t been easy, but now I’ve turned the corner, I’m a different Iker Casillas.



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